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Winter Storms: Your Cells Do Not Care If It Is Snowing

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This past week, a series of winter storms hit much of the U.S., causing devastation in many areas. The shutdown of grocery stores, gas stations, and other essential businesses has had a major impact on many people and companies across the country. Our best wishes go out to those of you who have suffered losses and hardships.

At ABS, we have tried our best to make sure that weather events do not negatively impact the research of our clients. Our cell culture services provide an example those efforts. Any of you who have worked with cell cultures know that you must regularly feed them with new media to replenish nutrients and remove waste products. Similarly, you must maintain temperature, carbon dioxide concentrations, and humidity levels. All this requires personnel to attend to the cells and backup systems to sustain operations.

When you work with ABS, we do our best to ensure that severe weather conditions do not interfere with your research. You do not need to worry if you or your staff will be able to take care of your cells during a snowstorm. You do not need to worry if the power will go out. Most importantly, you do not lose weeks or months of work because no one could make it to the lab. All of this becomes ABS’ responsibility.

Last week, ABS cell culture staff came in at 3 AM and cared for our clients’ cells in advance of the most recent storm. Likewise, staff have spent the night at work to ensure that operations were maintained. Backup power generation and redundant cell culture capacity ensure that we can continue operations, even if the electrical grid is down. The combination of dedicated staff, planning, and backup systems permits your work to continue even under challenging conditions.

When we complete your order, we make sure that someone at your location will be available to receive your cells. ABS monitors the weather at our facility, your location, and shipping hubs across the world so that we can anticipate weather events and take appropriate actions in advance.

ABS is an extension of your laboratories, enabling your work to continue even under difficult conditions. This is just one example of how we make your work faster, easier, and more reliable when our dedicated experts provide you with these essential services.

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