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Thank You and Happy New Year!

Another year comes rapidly to a close. 2023 was a year of accelerating changes. It is likely that 2024 will bring even more transformation in how we live and work. AI and other technologies will hasten the pace.  For ABS, 2023 was very eventful. We made the move into our new 48,000 sq. ft., facility with new laboratories and equipment. This expansion allowed us to more than double our cell culture capacity and meet surging demand for our cell line engineering and flow cytometry services. We have also greatly increased our liquid nitrogen and freezer storage capacity to serve ever-growing needs for sample storage and processing. We continue to hire new staff to enable further growth. 

We thank you, the researchers at pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies throughout the world, for your hard work, collaborations, and discoveries. Helping to speed your discoveries is why we do what we do.  

We look forward to working with you in 2024, and hope that you have a very healthy, happy, and successful New Year!

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