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Services & Solutions

At ABS Inc., we offer a variety of solutions to fit your specific research needs. Whether you need human biospecimens, cell culture services, or samples storage our team can provide you with customized solutions for your challenges.

Custom solutions for drug discovery and biomarkers research

At all research organizations, there is too little time and too much to do. Free yourself to focus on discovery rather than preparing the biological materials for your experiments. Work with ABS, Inc. to improve your productivity and streamline your research processes. 

As an extension of your laboratory, our team customizes services and solutions to your specific needs. ABS provides custom biological preparations and services that can enable your research.



When you work with us, we go beyond providing a product or service. We offer lasting relationships that benefit your organization. We work to amplify your success in a highly collaborative manner.

Meet project requirements on time and within budget.

When your goals are discovery and ROI, it doesn’t make sense to run in circles acquiring and preparing biological reagents or setting up basic research services.

Relying on our team to provide essential services or specialized expertise is like expanding your facilities and staff. You stay focused on experimentation and discovery, thus speeding your research process, freeing resources, and improving time to market.

We guarantee to meet your specifications the first time and that any preparation you routinely perform in your laboratories will be similar when our team does it for you.

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Gain Access to a Community of Experts

The team at ABS Inc. consists of experienced individuals. When you work with us, you'll expand your facilities and staff to include our resources. This expansion will give you the freedom to focus on experimentation, speed up your research process, and open up your resource availability and timeline.

We guarantee our products and services to make sure you get the best quality possible. Our 99% shipping success rate is a testament to our service and dedication to meeting your expectations. 

Custom Solutions for Research Facilities

We understand that every research program is unique. Your demand may grow and change, so finding a research partner who understands your needs is vital. 

Our business model sets us apart from competitors. ABS provides customized solutions that focus on understanding and meeting your needs. We are not a distribution or catalog one-size-fits-all company.

Finding a custom solution can help you delve deeper into your research. Along with our cell line engineering services, we can work with you to create a timeline and plan for your operation. 


As always, appreciate the advance notification and the comprehensive manifest ad organized samples.
Senior Associate Scientist
Top 25 Pharma
Great service as usual, attentive as always and able to accommodate my needs.
Senior Associate Scientist
Top 25 Pharma
Always outstanding service!
Senior Director
Global Pharmaceutical Company
Appreciate the quickness of the test vial shipment!
Associate Director
Top 50 Global Pharma
It has been a pleasure working with ABS, and I appreciate the attention to detail they exhibit when dealing with our shipments.
Senior Director
Global Pharmaceutical Company
Heidi and the team are fantastic - thank you for supplying precious samples!
Vice President of Research
Small Biotech Company
Everything was as expected. Thanks for your continued service!
Research Associate
Small Biotech Company
Services are efficient, helpful, and affordable. Shipping notifications were valuable so we knew exactly when to expect the package, and I loved the same-day courier service.
Laboratory Manager
Early-Stage Biotech Company
Everyone at ABS has been incredibly helpful and accommodating and kept us well apprised of the status of samples/shipments.
Senior Principal Scientist
Biotech Company
ABS employees are very professional and knowledgeable
Senior Research Scientist
Small Biotech Company
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