Shift your focus from cell production to discovery by letting us provide you with the high-quality cells and tissues needed for your research. ABS streamlines your research with a reliable supply of cells for your experiments, antibody production, and high-throughput screening efforts.


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Cell Line Scale-Up

Our cell culture scale-up processes allow us to meet high-demand requests while maintaining our samples' quality. Our large cell culture production laboratories have the capacity to quickly produce billions of adherent cells, thousands of liters of suspension cells per month, or large quantities of cell-derived bioreagents each month. We can also provide large single batches of up to 1,000 vials per bank of assay-ready frozen cells for screening campaigns.

Our capabilities include primary human, mammalian, insect, and tumor cell cultures; hybridomas; protein concentration with tangential flow filtration; and conditioned media production. For all cell lines that we scale up, we store several low-passage sample vials in LN2 at no cost for up to one year.

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Ready-to-Use Cells

Ready for an experiment, but your cells aren’t? We can grow large batches of cells according to your specifications, thus reducing experiment to experiment variability. Our cells are cryopreserved in convenient aliquots and then stored in liquid nitrogen in cryovials, microtiter plates, or your preferred format until you’re ready to use them.

ABS can prepare, store, and deliver Master and Working Cell Banks for your use whenever you are ready. Our assay-ready cells reduce delays and increase reproducibility.

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Cell Line Engineering

Our team can prepare stable cell lines or transiently transfect cells according to your specifications. Choose from a variety of transfection methods, or send us specific protocols. We have the ability to scale up large quantities of transiently transfected cells, and we also have protein and membrane purification capabilities.

We can verify protein expression using Western analysis, ELISA, IHC, and flow cytometry. We have provided adipocytes, epithelial cells, fibroblasts, muscle cells, neurons, pancreatic cells, tumor cells, and many other cell types on a constant basis. We will gladly work with you to engineer cell lines for your specific needs.

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Primary Cells

Because of ABS's access to human and animal tissues and our expertise in cell culture solutions, ABS is in a prime position to provide primary cells. We can also provide primary tumor cell cultures through our partnerships with a large number of hospitals.

Cell isolations and purification are done on a custom basis. We’ve prepared human splenocytes, cardiomyocytes, T and B cells, neutrophils, macrophages, muscle cells, fibroblasts, and many others.

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Stem Cells

Stem cells typically come from blood or tissue cells that have been reprogrammed back into an embryonic-like state. This pluripotent state allows for regeneration and duplication, which can aid in disease and treatment research.

ABS provides a variety of virus-free and oncogene-free Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPS). These include human adipose mesenchymal stem cells, human multipotent stem cells, CD34+ cord blood stem cells, and others.

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Cell Culture Quality Control

Reproducible cell-based experiments require stringent quality control procedures.

Services available in our quality control and quarantine facilities include:

  • Cell line authentication: Many journals now mandate cell line authentication because of the ramifications of cell line misidentification and contamination. With your cell, tissue, or DNA sample, we can detect contaminations in as few as 10 genomes and provide you with detailed data identifying your human cell line or tissue. Our team analyzes minute quantities of DNA, generates a cell line barcode unique to your sample(s), and checks the barcode against a database of known cell lines.
  • Mycoplasma testing: Our highly sensitive and specific PCR-based method tests your cells or media samples for multiple strains of mycoplasma. We use an Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer for the analysis of amplified PCR fragments from any mycoplasma presents, resulting in precise, fast, and cost-effective mycoplasma testing.
  • Sterility and viral testing: We routinely test all cells that we receive and ship for bacteria and mold. We also can perform viral and pathogen testing of tissue samples. Available methods for performing viral testing of cell cultures include mouse, rat, and human viral panels using PCR-based methods.
  • Viability: We check the viability of all cell banks pre- and post-thaw.

Mycoplasma, viability, and sterility testing are included with all cell banking orders. We will make sure that each product meets our high standards before sending it to your research lab.

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Cell Culture Insourcing

ABS laboratories collaborate closely with your team, and we can provide highly qualified ABS personnel to work at your facility. Our insourced staff address immediate and long-term baseline needs for cell culture with our headquarter's laboratories providing additional support when your needs ramp up.

ABS handles all personnel issues from start to finish. We’ll recruit, test (written and practical), and train personnel. Plus, all HR, supervisory, and benefits issues are ABS's responsibility, so you receive the services you need without the HR drain on resources. We'll work alongside your team to supply you with quality service and cell cultures.

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Cell Banking and Storage

With our on-site biorepository storing thousands of our own samples, we are also equipped to produce and store master and working cell banks that can be shipped to your facility using a web-based inventory and request system.

With our Cell Store™ concept, we can handle your cell production, maintain inventories, provide quality control, and deliver cells and cell extracts to you as needed. Additionally, we offer real-time online access to your cell inventories and projects.

ABS follows ISBER and NCI guidelines and is ISO 9001:2015-certified. Biorepository staff are trained in the proper handling of biospecimens and the necessity of maintaining ultra-low temperatures for the proper preservation of biological sample integrity for biochemical assays.

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ABS Inc. is a leading supplier of biological materials necessary for research. Our cell culture services and solutions are a major part of our efforts to support the research community. We also offer storage services for your samples and ship them as you need them. 

We aid your investigation by providing the quality materials and services that essential. Contact us for a consultation and find out more about our custom cell culture services.