We can provide you with state-of-the-art cell line engineering and production services. Our teams can disrupt or knock out genes, add or knock in DNA fragments, and/or create point mutations in genomic DNA.

Process & Outcomes

Our work begins once we have the NCBI Gene ID# for the gene that you want targeted for alteration. You specify your cell line of choice, along with your preferred culture conditions and transfection methods.

The expansion of isolated modified cell lines in sufficient quantity for shipment is completely dependent on the speed at which the targeted cell lines divide.

Dedicated Project Management
We maintain close communication with you with weekly updates to inform you on the progress toward final clonal isolation and verification.

If cell morphology changes are observed after genomic modification, you’ll receive images as part of the update process. Once we analyze purified DNA samples from isolated clones, you’ll receive a vial of the modified cell line.

While other cell line engineering services require you to use limiting in-house cell lines or increase the price dramatically if you want to use a preferred line, we do all custom cell line engineering at the same price.

Scale Up
Once we have engineered your cell line to your satisfaction, we can scale up large quantities of cells to provide ready-to-use cell banks, membrane preparations, proteins, and more.