ABS can prepare a wide variety of custom bioreagents from cell cultures, human tissues, and animal tissues. We can follow your protocols, our own, or we can collaborate with you to design a protocol that works best for your research.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Membrane Preparations

Starting with cell or tissue samples that you or we provide, our team makes cell membrane preparations that can help you screen for numerous drug targets such as GPCRs and ion channels.

We routinely prepare membranes from billions of transfected cells, primary cells, and tissues such as cerebral cortex, striatum, heart muscle, and liver. Preparation methods include continuous and discontinuous gradients using sucrose, Ficoll, or Percoll.

Large-scale preparations are available for receptor binding and ion channel work. Our facilities have a large ultra- and high-speed centrifuge capacity to enable high-throughput screens.

Subcellular Fractions

Our team has extensive experience isolating and purifying cell organelles from cells or tissues. Purification is typically accomplished using differential centrifugation and discontinuous sucrose gradients. Subcellular fractions include microsomes, mitochondria, synaptosomes, and P1 and P2 fractions.


Using samples that you or we provide, our team can isolate and purify RNA, DNA, and protein extracts from any cell or tissue type.  These include cell lines, primary cells, and human and animal tissues and blood products. We can also purify extracts from disease samples, including Alzheimer’s, cancers, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, COPD, and others.

Nucleic acids are purified by solvents or columns, and quality-controlled using RIN analyses and spectrophotometry. We guarantee a minimum RNA integrity number (RIN) of >6.0 from postmortem tissues and >7.5 for all surgical samples. Western analysis is available for protein extracts.



Reviewed by Charles F. Saller, Ph.D. 

Prior to founding ABS, Dr. Saller led the biochemical team at what is now AstraZeneca that worked on the discovery of Seroquel®, one of the most successful drugs of all time both in respect to therapeutic efficacy for psychiatric disorders and market value. Dr. Saller is a serial entrepreneur, having founded Saller Rental Properties in the 1980s, which provided the capital for founding ABS in January 1990. He continues to lead ABS operations and direct its strategy. Dr. Saller has also served as the Principal Investigator or has administered more than $5 million in government grants and contracts as a founder of one other bioscience company and as advisor to others.