Our analytical services characterize cells and tissues so that you can rest assured they meet your research requirements. We execute your experimental design according to your specifications.

Our analytical capabilities complement one another to provide you a full understanding of protein expression and drug target localization.


Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Services

Using cell, blood, or tissue samples provided by your laboratories, from our tissue culture facility or from our biospecimen network, we provide flow cytometry services that include both analysis and cell sorting.

Our analytical flow cytometry services include:

  • Phenotypic analysis using up to eight-color antibody panels
    • Verification of cell lines
    • Confirmation of differentiation following induction experiments
    • Characterization of dissociated tumor cells or blood
  • Measurement of transfection efficiency
    • GFP expression
    • A unique overexpression or knockdown target
  • Examination of surface targets using fluorescence intensity and surface receptor density
  • Quality evaluation of client-provided antibodies
    • Compare efficiency of new lot to a previous lot or commercial antibody
    • Titrations for working concentration determination
  • Assessment of an antigen, reagent, therapeutic, or genetic manipulation using gene therapy or cytotoxic assays
    • Immunophenotyping and target expression
    • Apoptosis Assays
    • Characterization of cell behavior


Our cell sorting services include:

  • Bulk sorting to:
    • Isolate a population of interest from dissociated tumor cells or a heterogenous cell line
    • Create a pooled GFP+ transfected cell line
    • Purify a partially engineered cell pool
  • Single cell sorting to:
    • Quickly perform limiting dilution assays
    • Generate clonal cell lines
    • Measure the fluorescence intensity of a target for each individual cell
    • Improve monoclonal antibody discovery and production
    • Prepare cells or a specific population for downstream single-cell analysis

Gene Expression

Central to the discovery of biomarkers for precision medicine and for the development of selective therapeutics, our fully customizable gene and expression analyses include:

  • RNA and DNA purification using automated or manual methods
  • cDNA preparation
  • PCR and qPCR
  • SNP analysis
  • RT-qPCR

Western Analysis

Essential for detecting and quantifying proteins in biological samples, western analysis at ABS uses both colorimetric and fluorescence methods in our services:

  • Detection of protein of interest
  • Monitoring of protein purification
  • Measurement of the purity of cell fractions using specific markers
  • Protein localization in tissues and cell fractions
  • Protein quantification in extracts
  • Antibody characterization and specificity analysis

IHC and Histology

ABS can prepare fixed or frozen slides and conduct specially tailored immunohistochemistry (IHC) services for all tissues we offer. We can also use samples provided by you.

Our team can process tissues and cells into paraffin blocks, embed samples using OCT, and localize proteins in cells using histogels. We’re also experienced with preparing slides, H&E staining, and special stains, as well as gathering morphological data to help validate your biochemical or genomic data sets.

Additional IHC (single and multiple labels) capabilities include:

  • Assay development for your antibody, as well as a full range of tissues with appropriate IHC and western controls
  • Drug target and biomarker distribution studies in animal and normal and diseased human tissues
  • Antibody specificity studies (FDA panels available)
  • Image analysis to provide quantification and statistical data for your special project needs