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Flexibility Requires Structure

the direction of flexibility

A major advantage of working with ABS is our flexibility. We customize our offerings according to your needs. To successfully deliver this type of service requires structure along with responsiveness.

Flexibility is counterproductive unless it is based upon reliability. If flexibility complicates processes or slows work progress, it is a detriment rather than a benefit. To avoid problems and achieve the benefits of flexibility requires a degree of inflexibility.

Customized cell culture and human biospecimen services are the starting point of our research collaborations. For example, a client may need a cell line that expresses a specific receptor subtype and then use membranes from those cells in a high throughput drug discovery assay. The project may begin with a transfection protocol, followed by cell line scale-up, optimization of a membrane preparation for binding assays, specific QC evaluations, and storage of cell banks. Of course, we can provide you with any component of the preceding according to your specifications. This type of extensive customization requires flexibility. It also requires experience, expertise, and structure.

Customization is based upon strict adherence to our SOP’s and a systematized pursuit of accurate communications. This ensures that we understand every detail of your requirements. Flexibility does not happen without proficiency in the fundamentals that serve as their foundation. Systems and communication procedures make flexibility possible without sacrificing reliability and speed.

ABS also provides your organization with budgeting flexibility because we are there only when you need us rather than a constant long-term expense. Please contact us to see how we can be an extension of your laboratories providing you with the infrastructure and flexibility that you need.

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