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An Extension of Your Laboratory®

scientist analyzing sample

Too often a slogan is often a meaningless tagline. An Extension of Your Laboratory® has been a part of our ethos since we began in 1990. Recent events have emphasized its importance. With many of our clients’ laboratories nearly shut down or only partially staffed, we were able to help them continue their operations. We intensified our safety precautions, worked remotely as much as possible, and ramped up our operations to meet the increased need of clients.

As has always been our goal, we work with you so that even in these challenging times you can focus on your core objectives rather than growing cells, sourcing biospecimens, or preparing bioreagents. Reliable cell culture services, human tissues, and related services from ABS save you time and free you for the true work of discovery.

It was gratifying to hear from so many of you that with ABS’ help, you were able to continue your work and meet your deadlines. Moving forward to better times, we hope that you will continue to see the benefits of integrating ABS into your research efforts. We thank you for your continued confidence in us and are grateful to be an integral part of your work for so many years. We look forward to serving your needs in the future and welcome others to learn how we can help you.

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