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Traveling Scientists

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Being a bench scientist working at a company often means that you work at the same bench or laboratory for many years. Maybe you occasionally change laboratories, most likely in the same building. The only way for change is often to change jobs. But does it have to be that way?

Many bench scientists are looking for growth and new experiences, but who may not want to switch jobs. What if there was a way to grow and gain new job experiences? What if after your education and training in the necessary skills, you could have a secure position and the option to work at a range of small and large companies to gain experience and expand your horizons?

As with many innovations, this idea is a combination of old concepts in a new context. The idea of journeymen who would travel from town to town to gain experience in different workshops originated in medieval times. After completing training as an apprentice, the individual would become a journeyman, and then a master. Today, electricians, plumbers, and other skilled trades go through a similar process.

In this gig economy, temp work and moving from job to job are not uncommon, but it can be a precarious financial existence for a scientist. Instead of this risky situation, ABS offers full time positions with full benefits, including a 401K with matching contributions and paid time off with employment at ABS as your base of operations.

ABS fully trains employees as they gain real world experience. We want to make sure that anyone whom we send to a client’s laboratory is fully competent before going anywhere. Then, these employees will take assignments ranging from weeks to months or even longer in in our clients’ laboratories.

When the assignment ends, the employees return to work at ABS Headquarters or go to another assignment. ABS provides employees with training and there are no income gaps between assignments. Allowances are provided for travel, food, and lodging if the client location is more than a certain travel time from ABS.

Right now, we have positions for biological sample inventory management at several client sites. These assignments range from figuring out and inventorying the contents in clients’ freezers to setting up complete inventory systems. Similarly, ABS personnel have worked in clients’ laboratories for cell culture assignments. Because we are growing at a fast pace, there is always work for you at ABS Headquarters between assignments and the option is open to simply continue working in-house at ABS Headquarters.

The types of positions that we are offering here are not for everyone. Travel may conflict with personal needs. For others, this mix of work at ABS Headquarters and our clients’ facilities is a way to benefit from new experiences, learn, and grow. If you are interested in this type of work experience or if you are at a company that needs to solve temporary challenges with either staffing or operational infrastructure, please contact us to learn more.

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