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In this third post that discusses ABS Core Values and what they mean for ABS and our clients, I discuss Transparency. We previously discussed Excellence and Accountability. Neither of these are possible without transparency. 

In a broad sense, transparency refers to effectively sharing information. It is an open search for the truth of how we are doing. With the light of transparency, we can observe what is happening. Improvements can be made, and successes can be built upon. 

Transparency requires candor and openness at a personal level. It values the best solution over ego and appearances. At an operational level, it means that we have effective systems and workflows in place for viewing and sharing information with clients and ABS staff so that we can act quickly and effectively.  

Agile solutions and responsiveness require ready visibility of the outcomes of all processes. Conversely, if the necessary data and process metrics are not easily accessible, effective management is not possible. Therefore, we are continuously enhancing our information management processes and companywide database so that outcome data are only a few keystrokes away. This drives Accountability and the speed with which we can manage and improve processes. 

When you work with ABS, there are no surprises. We strive to be an extension of your laboratories, so that you will always be informed. Just as with our internal operations, we aim to be transparent in our interactions with our clients. Our Client Services Team’s role is to act as your representative and to keep you updated.  

When you work with ABS, you will know if there are any challenges or concerns as we work to fulfill your research needs. A true partnership is not attainable unless all parties are transparent in their communications. This is what you can expect from ABS as we help to make your research efforts faster, easier, and more reliable. 

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