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In the previous blog post, I introduced ABS’ Core Values. These values stem from our goal to be a company that performs to the highest standards for our clients over the long term. I also discussed Excellence: what it means in an operational sense, and what we do to sustain it. Excellence is not possible without Accountability, our next Core Value.

We take ownership of what we do and are responsible for what we deliver. Accountability enables us to deliver Excellence. It is a commitment to achieving intended outcomes rather than simply completing an activity without pride of ownership. Operationally, it means performing job functions according to SOPs and Work Instructions so that others can complete their tasks without extra work or rework. It means that we are responsible for the quality and reliability of the outcomes we produce.

Apathy and irresponsibility are obviously in opposition to accountability. For management, empathy can also pose a challenge. At ABS, we try to be aware of and meet, when possible, the personal needs of our staff. Empathy is a necessary component of any caring relationship. Family and other personal emergencies occur, and we try to respond with understanding. However, if these are chronic conditions that impair overall company performance or burden co-workers, solutions must be found that combine empathy with accountability so that we can execute the necessary functions that meet client needs and effectively sustain operations. For any caring organization, this is a challenge that must be met.

Accountability is only fully realized when we work in partnership with our clients. We regularly contact and meet with our clients to ensure that we meet or exceed expectations. It is the satisfaction of our clients that ultimately matters.

Many of us have become far too accustomed to companies that show little concern once we have made a purchase. For ABS a purchase is only the beginning of what we hope will be a long-term relationship where we truly are an extension of clients’ laboratories and work. If there is ever an issue or there is something that we can do better, it is important for us to know so that can address concerns. We want to be held accountable for delivering the best service that can be provided. To see what this experience is like, please contact us.

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