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The final Core ABS Value that I want to discuss is Responsiveness. Responsiveness refers to how effectively and promptly we respond to the business requirements of our clients and internally to those of our coworkers.

First and foremost, we must respond to the needs of our clients or our business becomes irrelevant. It begins with listening and understanding the problems that our clients face and working with them to develop effective solutions. It means that we appreciate the urgency of the discovery process for our clients and the patients whom we ultimately serve. Delays have both businesses and human costs. Therefore, from our first interactions with our clients to the delivery of a service or product, speed and reliability matter.

We make sure that we quickly respond to all inquiries. We provide clients with the information they need to make informed decisions, and we keep them informed throughout the fulfillment of their orders. Beyond that, we check back to ensure the solutions we provide meet their requirements and we seek out areas for improvement. In addition, we continually update and automate our processes to deliver faster and more effective solutions.

Responsiveness goes beyond prompt communications. It is a collaborative experience where we learn and try to anticipate our clients’ needs even before they may be aware of them. Since our start over thirty years ago, we have recognized the need to remove impediments to discovery. We were the first company to provide custom cell culture services, human biospecimens, and a variety of other custom biological services to speed drug and diagnostics discovery. This has enabled our clients focus on their research rather than growing cells, preparing biological reagents, or acquiring biospecimens.

Today, we continue to listen to our clients and look for unsolved problems to make their research faster, easier and more reliable. To learn more about how we can benefit your research, please contact us.

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