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The Journey and Goals for the New Year

The beginning of the year is a time for many of us to set goals for the new year. At ABS, we review last year’s goals, accomplishments, and areas for improvement. Based upon our progress, we decide on this year’s goals. We establish key performance indicators and metrics to guide us in achieving those goals.

Attaining a goal brings with it a sense of satisfaction. At its best, there is the exhilaration of a job well-done after sustained efforts. Achieving goals can bring monetary and other rewards. While achievements are clearly worthwhile, satisfaction is often temporary. Long-term success and happiness may remain moving targets. Each goal, once achieved, leads to another goal and then another.

A long time ago, reaching $1 million in sales, then $2 million, and then $10 million were all worthwhile goals for ABS. Today, $10 million in revenues would not pay our bills. Goals must keep pace with growth.

Our new headquarters and expansion of our business are important milestones. A great deal of effort went into achieving those goals and many others along the way. This was a worthwhile journey. The milestones along the way are important, but no more so than the journey itself.

Years may be spent attaining a long list of necessary goals. If the idea is simply to hit milestones or check off boxes, the road may become very long and devoid of joy. At ABS, we are driven to succeed and improve. We are also committed to enjoying the journey and working as a community that shares the values that were described in previous posts.

Our ability to solve problems, create new solutions, along with the kindness and respect we share with others bring true success. These intangibles mean more than checking off boxes unless those boxes are true to our values.

There are many elements of success and happiness that are not easily captured in any list of KPIs or metrics. True success must be more than an elevator pitch. A business or a life is more than the stops along the way. It is what we become in reaching for our goals. It is how we treat each other as people and not instruments to achieve our goals that makes the difference. This is what makes the journey meaningful and enjoyable.

As we enter 2023, I am grateful to our staff and clients for the progress we have made and for our journey together. I wish our employees and clients happiness in our way forward to create a better life for ourselves and others.

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