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Cell Culture Outsourcing in 2023?

In 2023, financial markets are constrained. We may be on the precipice of a recession, albeit hopefully a mild one. Many organizations are limiting hiring and others are laying off personnel. Across most industries, there is a need to conserve cash. Although the demand for new therapeutics persists during economic downturns, this is a time when caution is warranted.

So, does it make sense to outsource cell culture services, such as growing, harvesting, Mycoplasma testing, etc. now? One might argue that their staff can grow cells. Likewise, outsourcing is an expense, and this is a time when cost-cutting may be prudent. However, there are many reasons why outsourcing cell culture and other non-core services makes more sense now than ever.

Drug and diagnostic discovery are high value activities. Personnel costs are a major component of all corporate budgets. Personnel can do only a finite number of tasks. These can be high value activities that lead to new, important, and profitable discoveries; or they can be lower value, but necessary, work, such as growing cells.

Obviously, high quality cells are essential for much of bioscience discovery, but who should be investing most of their time growing cells for experiments and drug screening? Should it be scientists who are focused on delivering high value discoveries? The answer is clearly no. Highly trained researchers’ time and talents should not be expended on labor intensive non-core activities. It makes far more sense to delegate these activities to an organization, such as ABS, that exists to free researchers to do research rather than reagent preparation.

ABS has over three decades of experience and expertise in providing cost-effective custom biological reagents for research, such as ready-to-use cells, cell banks, cell membrane preparations, and a large variety of other services. For example, we offer cell bank cryostorage, cell line ID, DNA and RNA extractions, protein extractions, transfections, cell-sorting, and flow cytometry cell QC and phenotyping.

ABS is your long-term lab partner, but ABS is a not a fixed line item on your budget. We are there when you need us, and you are in control of how much we do for you as your needs change. To learn more, please visit our website and contact us.

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