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Four Ways to Increase the Productivity of Your Laboratories

two scientists analyzing samples

We are all pressed to get more done with limited resources. New projects are added. Deadlines and deliverables loom over us. There is only so much any of us can do alone. More specifically, we know how much time is taken up with growing cell cultures, finding high quality human tissues that are suitable for biomedical research, or making tissue or cell membrane preparations, etc. All of this must happen before an experiment can even be started.

There is a better way to reliably shorten experimental timelines and reduce workloads. ABS provides cell culture services and human biospecimens so that our clients at pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies can focus on discovery rather than diverting critical resources to the prerequisites of discovery; i.e., growing cells, acquiring biospecimens, and processing these for experiments. For over 30 thirty years, this is the first and primary way ABS spares client resources and boosts productivity.

Secondly, many of our clients need trained staff to supplement ongoing operations. ABS provides trained ABS employees to work in our clients’ laboratories as insourced staff. Our insourcing operations have typically been limited to select clients with whom we have a significant long-term partnerships. The integration of ABS services and insourcing optimizes the effectiveness of those relationships.

More recently, we have developed a third way to advance the productivity of our clients’ laboratories. As many of us know, it is not all uncommon for the sample inventories in freezers and cryotanks to become disorganized. Samples accumulate from scientists who may have moved on. Labeling is incorrect or illegible. Samples may never have been logged in or out of any inventory systems. An inventory system may not even exist. All this wastes valuable time to find missing samples and storage space.

To solve this problem, ABS sends trained staff to your location to inventory your freezers and LN2 storage tanks. All systems can be logged into your inventory system, or we can provide a system for you. We can also provide training on how to maintain the system.

A fourth way to enhance productivity for your operations is a hybrid of the above. It is what we call our Cell Store™ . With our Cell Store™ concept, we bring all or a portion of your cell inventories to ABS. ABS handles all aspects cell production and QC, maintain inventories, and deliver cells and cell extracts to you as needed. We also offer real-time online access to your cell inventories and projects making us an extension of your laboratories. 

To see how ABS can enhance to productivity of your operations, please contact us.

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