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5 Ways to Know You Can Trust a Biological Research Provider

Biological Research Services Provider

As with personal relationships, trust is an important factor in business relationships. Basically, you want to be sure that you can count on a business partner to do what they say they are going do and that they will be there for you when you need them. How can one evaluate a business relationship before it is too late?


Past performance is good predictor of future performance. If a company has stood the test of time, it indicates that they will continue to be there when you need them. Unfortunately, too many companies fail during their early years or, if successful, they are absorbed into larger entities and lose many of the attributes that made them unique and valuable. ABS has over 31 years of successfully delivering value to our clients. We have grown and thrived through recessions, COVID-19, and many other challenges because we have adhered to our mission of delivering value to our clients and employees. We plan on keeping that focus and independence for many years to come.


Knowledge and proficiency are essential in delivering value. A company that does not grow, learn, and adapt will eventually stagnant and cease to exist. At ABS, we first focus on maintaining high procedural and quality standards so that we consistently and timely deliver value. Secondly, as the needs of our clients evolve, we regularly bring on new processes and technologies.


A trusted partner must be open and transparent in their interactions. This begins with the initial contacts with our Business Development Team and flows through to contacts with our Clients Services, Laboratory and Shipping Teams. We keep you informed every step of the way. If anything does go wrong, and fortunately this is a very rare occurrence, you will know about it right away. Our goal is to be an extension of your laboratories no matter where you are located.

The Company that They Keep

As the saying goes, you can judge someone by the company that they keep. You can judge a company by the companies that keep doing business with them. All top 20 pharmaceutical companies have worked with ABS, and many of these have maintained that relationship with us for decades.

Quality Guarantee

Most fundamentally, it is essential that any products or services meet the requirements of its end-users. Does the company guarantee its work? ABS guarantees that anything we do for you meets mutually agreed upon specifications. Otherwise, you own us nothing.


If you would like to experience the difference of working with a partner who you can rely on to understand and advance your needs, please contact us.

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