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Recent Posts by Rebecca Boyer, Facilities & Logistics Manager

Rebecca coordinates internal and external logistics, both domestic and international. Over the past four years at ABS, she has worked closely with local couriers and more corporate logistics companies to get the best services possible that are offered. Her previous work experience involved managing shipments for a local life science company, which gave her the background and skills for handling biological and chemical products. Rebecca is certified in ICAO and IATA to keep up to date with regulatory laws for all means of transportation.
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Working for the Weekend… And the Workweek

Who hasn’t been asked about their job? It’s one of the biggest social icebreakers no matter where you are: on a date, at a reunion, at your child’s first grade chorus recital… I mean, really, it’s probably that or something about the weather. Personally, I absolutely love when someone asks me what I do, because I never get tired of talking about it. I know that there are a lot of people that keep work at work, but I almost always associate my job with so many positive, exciting, and interesting aspects of my life (I say almost always because, come on, we all have had one of those days, am I right?). Many of my friends and relatives have those careers where they are happy to come home and get away from the stress of their projects, the coworkers they can’t stand, or, even worse, their hard-to-please boss; regretting having to get up again Monday morning to bear the brunt of all the previous for another long five days.

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Shipping & Logistics

The world moves fast. When it comes to logistics, it doesn’t move fast enough. In the medical research and pharmaceutical industry, this holds truer than for your average consumer.

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