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Shipping & Logistics


The world moves fast. When it comes to logistics, it doesn’t move fast enough. In the medical research and pharmaceutical industry, this holds truer than for your average consumer.

From the beginning, ABS has always looked for ways to improve. We believe that you can only get better by constantly improving. One of the areas that we are always looking to improve is our shipping procedures, which includes service providers, the materials used, and monitoring systems.

There are many ways to get a package from our facility to yours. We customize delivery options to provide the fastest, most reliable, and cost-effective service. Our standard domestic delivery option is FedEx Priority Overnight service that guarantees delivery before 10:30am the next business day. Depending upon your location, once your order is ready, we can get your order out the same day before 4pm. For our international clientele, the shipment can get to the other side of the world in as little as two days with our standard International Priority service.

Our shipping team monitors a delivery dashboard throughout the day to check the statuses of all packages before they are delivered to make sure there aren’t any service delays or missing updates. If we find that there is anything missing or something just doesn’t look right on our dashboard, we reach out for more direct tracking information.

Sometimes, due to extreme weather conditions or customs delays, a shipment can be delayed and will not get to its destination on time. ABS understands that these events can happen anytime. Because of this potential risk, we ensure that all packages are insulated properly, and we include extra dry ice. Our packaging has been tested in harsh environments to get a realistic idea of how long a shipment can last before the product is impacted. The amount of dry ice to product ratio gives us confidence that even with delays, the product will arrive in our customer’s hands still frozen and still buried in dry ice.

For our ambient products, ABS ensures temperature control inside the box to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. Whether your product needs to be kept frozen, refrigerated, or at room temperature, our shipping team takes precautions to guarantee the viability of the product, regardless of any external uncertainty.

When it comes to exporting products, ABS stays on top of international regulations, changes in documentation, and customs exceptions, to name a few of the global logistical governance concerns that must be addressed to secure the safe delivery of our products to our foreign customers. To keep up with these regulations, our shipping team is trained in IATA and ICAO regulations for UN3373 biologics, hazardous shipments, and infectious substances.

In the upcoming months, ABS will be adding a new layer of protection to some of our shipments with geocaching, custom monitoring devices that will allow our shipping team to monitor factors such as the temperature of the shipment, it’s location, shock to the package, or even light detection at any time throughout the shipment’s journey. This information will be used to look for any patterns in service delays and look for alternative routes to use for deliveries. It will also be extremely beneficial to use to pinpoint exactly where the shipment is at all times as well as the temperature inside of the box. ABS will have the ability to set parameters for these factors so that if at any time anything changes outside the criterion, we will be notified at that instant to maintain the well-being of the shipment.

At ABS, our goal is to help make your research faster, easier, and more reliable. Ensuring that your products get to you as soon as possible is one part of this pledge and we are always doing whatever it takes to meet and exceed your expectations.

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