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Working for the Weekend… And the Workweek

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Who hasn’t been asked about their job? It’s one of the biggest social icebreakers no matter where you are: on a date, at a reunion, at your child’s first grade chorus recital… I mean, really, it’s probably that or something about the weather. Personally, I absolutely love when someone asks me what I do, because I never get tired of talking about it. I know that there are a lot of people that keep work at work, but I almost always associate my job with so many positive, exciting, and interesting aspects of my life (I say almost always because, come on, we all have had one of those days, am I right?). Many of my friends and relatives have those careers where they are happy to come home and get away from the stress of their projects, the coworkers they can’t stand, or, even worse, their hard-to-please boss; regretting having to get up again Monday morning to bear the brunt of all the previous for another long five days.

Hi. I’m Rebecca “Bekca” Boyer, and I absolutely love my job! When I stepped through the door to suite 2 on my first day, about four and a half years ago, I never realized what I would be a part of. Sure, I knew what my job description was, how much money I would make an hour, how many hours a week I was expected; I just never expected the culture, the benefits, and the freedom that there was here.

The focus of my job is logistics; incoming, outgoing, domestic, international… Wherever you are, whatever it is (within contract and within limits of the law, of course), I’m your lady. I also interact with our external IT contractors, and I am involved with safety initiatives and other business operations tasks. In addition, I’m extremely interested in the science of the samples that we offer to our clients. Knowing this, my supervisors and colleagues extended opportunities to let me observe their projects and protocols. My lab team is always friendly, accommodating, and eager to demonstrate their tasks, whether routine or unconventional.

On a whole, the entire ABS team is, and I know this is cliché, a tight knit family. On a typical day, I hug almost every person here more than once. Over the years, I have grown to absolutely love everyone on and off site. Our Cell Culture Team leader married my now husband to me; I’ve gone picnicking with our Biospecimen Operations Manager with my daughter and her children; One of our production scientists and myself have a personal blog that we created together. I could easily list many, many more examples of the bonds that I share with all of work family.

Honestly, I could go on and on and on and on about how much I love working here; the people, the experience, the holiday parties, the team building events, the responsibilities that I’ve been given, whatever else I’m forgetting to add to this list… I love it all. Being a part of ABS isn’t being a number in the vastness of a faceless company that limits your individuality to a box of standards; ABS knows that its employees are what make ABS, well, ABS. Being a part of a company that understands the value of treating people with the respect and recognition they deserve reflects that respect and recognition back onto ABS.

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