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Why ABS Never Has a Sale or Offers Discounts

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ABS has never had a sale in its 30+ years in business. We do not offer additional discounts. ABS is different from many companies that use these tactics to try to drive sales.

There are two main reasons why ABS is different. First, our prices are based upon value and what it costs to consistently deliver that value. This includes all the components that are necessary to deliver quality, plus a sufficient margin that ensures sustainability and drives continuous improvement. Second, our business model is based upon collaboration and providing you with what you need, not with a commodity that we are trying to sell to you.

With over 30 years of experience, we know supply costs, the time involved to complete a project, consultations, and other costs. This information is used to calculate a fair price for the value that we provide. If there are economies of scale, our pricing takes this into account. For example, the per unit cost of a large cell culture order is less than that of a small-scale order. In this sense, larger orders are discounted. However, this is simply a calculation based upon the actual costs of larger projects, which is why I said that we do not offer additional discounts. Because we know what it costs to deliver quality, we calculate the best price we can offer and present that to you. This saves us all time.

Our business model begins with you and your needs. ABS does not accumulate inventories and hope that you will buy; and if you do not, then have a sale. Although, we provide products such as cells, tissues, and their extracts, we are primarily an extension of your laboratories. Consequently, we work under your direction rather than trying to sell you something sitting on our shelves or in our freezers. For example, our large network of biospecimen acquisition sites enables us to quickly provide you with the samples that you need, not the samples we hoped you might want. This approach reduces costs, provides you with exactly what you want, and it does not require a sale or bargaining to accomplish a mutually desired goal.

In summary, you will not be seeing sales from ABS anytime soon, but you will experience consistent value and high quality at a fair price.

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