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A free offer is often used to lure potential customers. A company may offer a free service, but somewhere along the line the customers will pay for that free service or that company will not stay in business. ABS relies upon value and service to earn and keep your business, not gimmicks.

We believe in value and transparency in all facets of our business. For example, with all cell culture orders, ABS provides Mycoplasma Testing and Sterility Testing at no additional charge. You might say that these services are free, but they are not. They are essential and included with every order because we never want to send you a contaminated cell line. This is a quality issue. There should not be additional charges for ensuring quality.

Because many of our new clients place repeated orders with us, especially after initial trial orders, we offer new clients six months of storage of up to 50, 2ml vials of cells in liquid nitrogen. Again, one might say this free. However, the real reason that we include this storage option with new orders is that it benefits our clients and ABS because there is not always a need to send and receive new cell vials right away for some clients. Every delay and unnecessary step in a process costs everyone time, resources, and productivity.

After six months, clients may continue to store cell banks at ABS for a small fee, or we will either return or destroy remaining vials at our client’s discretion. This six-month trial storage period also introduces clients to the convenience and reliability of our Cell Store™ services. With Cell Store™, ABS handles your cell production, maintains inventories, provides quality control, and delivers cells and cell extracts to you as needed. Once Cell Store™ is part of your operations, your research is never delayed waiting for cells to grow. With Cell Store™, high quality cells are ready when you are. This frees you to do your research.

As scientists in nearly all major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have found, ABS provides value far beyond any free incentives. These are a few examples of how we collaborate with our clients. Please contact us and see for yourself how we can benefit you.

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