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The Role of IT in Working with a Partner


When doing science, information technology (IT) is often an afterthought. When working with a supplier or custom research organization such as ABS, it is probably even less of a consideration. However, it is of crucial importance. If it is working well, you shouldn’t have to think about it; but if it doesn’t, it can cause significant problems. For example, how often have you contacted a vendor and that vendor does not know what is going on with your inquiry or order? How often does a company market to you, but never follows up?

Since 2007, ABS has used NetSuite®, an Oracle enterprise resource planning database, to manage operations. We have extensively customized NetSuite® so that all the information that you and ABS require is easily accessible. Every contact between you and ABS, all laboratory data and production records, and all financial information is available to ABS personnel with appropriate permission levels. Many reports, data searches, and other processes are automated through NetSuite® to keep you and us informed.

With NetSuite®, many of our workflows are automated to reduce data entry, manual processes and potential mistakes. This lowers operational costs and greatly improves efficiency. Without this level of technological sophistication, it would likely take twice the staff to do this half as well because of communications issues and ineffective processes.

ABS has personnel at seven locations throughout the U.S. With the IT integration and communications that we have with NetSuite®, videoconferencing, and other IT systems, ABS staff have the data and tools to keep you informed wherever they are.  For example, from an operational standpoint, there is no difference in information flow whether I am in my office in San Diego, CA or at our headquarters in Wilmington, DE.

All information is securely backed up at multiple locations on redundant systems. There has never been data loss or a security breach with this system now in use at ABS for 12+ years.

Why is this important to you?  When you work with ABS, we know what is happening at all times. More importantly, you know. As always, our goal is to be an extension of your laboratory. Having these IT systems in place makes that happen seamlessly and effectively.

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