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New Services?

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Someone recently asked how we decide to add new services. For us the answer is straightforward. We begin with our mission statement. Any new services must make research faster, easier, and more reliable. It also must center around how we deliver value to researchers by providing, processing, analyzing, and storing cells and human biospecimens.

Most importantly, we listen to the needs and frustrations of our clients. They are best informed as to their needs. That does not mean that we try to serve every need. If we can’t be the best with an offering, we don’t do it. Likewise, many times scientists and other companies approach us with very interesting ideas, but if they are not congruent with our core focus and values, we don’t move forward with them.

ABS’ products and services have remained true to our focus for nearly 30 years. Whether you are doing exploratory research or high-throughput screening, you don’t want to wait weeks or months to have the biological materials that are essential for research available. You don’t want to be supervising cell culture laboratories, trying to find tissues, or managing cell and tissue inventories to get things done. ABS solves those problems.

When we add any service to our offering, it all centers around speeding your research and making it easier for you to obtain reliable data. We want to hear your problems because they are ours as well. Finding solutions to your problems is our goal and how we to continue to grow with our clients.

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