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Keeping Cell Culture Projects Running On Time

ABS grows very large numbers of cell lines for our clients. Projects range from Master and Working cell banks, hundreds of assay ready cell vials, to cell pellets from hundreds of billions of cells. Cells must pass QC for Mycoplasma and bacterial contamination, must be stored, and shipped on time to the proper locations throughout the world. In addition, various cell culture reports must be uploaded to the client portal, emailed to clients or in some cases entered directly into our clients’ electronic notebooks.

These processes involve handoffs between Business Development, Clients Services, Cell Production, QC, Sample Storage, Order Fulfillment, and Shipping Teams. All of this must work seamlessly and must be done as quickly as possible.

To accomplish the above tasks and more, ABS uses a proprietary database to help manage every process. Everything from the development of a cell line by ABS or the receipt of cells to the shipping of cell products and related data is monitored. We track handoffs between sample storage, cell growth teams, QC, and shipping and receiving so that all information flows seamlessly between groups.

We are continuously improving this system to alert all stakeholders if there any deviations from expectations. Deviations range from slower than expected cell growth to a delayed package at a shipping hub. If any of these occur, the system can send notifications to the appropriate personnel. Currently, we are developing a visualization tool that will easily enable us to see any issues as they occur.

We stay on top of operations in real-time so that we can quickly address any issues. We keep you informed so that there are no surprises. Information and updates are shared with you by our Client Services Team and via our secure Client web portal. All of this helps keep your research on track and enables you to focus on discovery. Our goal, as always, is to make your research faster, easier, and more reliable by being an extension of your laboratories.

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