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An Extension of Your Laboratories

An extension of your laboratory or laboratories has been a tag line of ABS for 32 years. It conveys the essence of our Mission to make discovery faster, easier, and more reliable. In practical terms, ABS is your virtual lab partner, providing you with human biospecimens, cell culture services and services related to the processing, analyses, and storage of biological materials. While this post could elaborate upon the specifics of how our services accelerate the work of our clients, this post focuses on the important difference between laboratory and laboratories in how we advance our clients’ missions.

Obtaining cell culture scale up, flow cytometry services, or hundreds of carefully annotated FFPE blocks from ABS can speed the work of a single lab or project. However, over the past three decades, clients see the greatest benefits when they integrate ABS across multiple projects and laboratories freeing organizations to direct more resources towards research rather than preparing for discovery.

ABS can speed your laboratories’ workflows. For example, for many organizations, ABS is a critical source for cell culture services across laboratories and projects. ABS is a single point of contact for all these needs. This enables better control of multiple projects. ABS analytical services such as flow cytometry, cell processing, and storage services further streamline operations. Because these services are provided on an as needed basis, organizations realize greater flexibility and cost-savings.

ABS also works with multiple laboratories across organizations to enable you to accomplish more. In addition to the services that we provide, we can help manage your workflows with multiple CROs. This is becoming more and more common. For example, ABS may grow and store cells and then send cells to various CROs for analyses or specialized processing at our clients’ request. Samples and data are then returned to ABS and handled according to our clients’ needs. Similarly, human biospecimen collection kits may be sent out. Samples are returned and processed at ABS. Then, we manage interactions with our clients and other CROs.

Projects within our clients’ organization and with their external partners can be complex and extremely time-consuming. ABS manages everything from sample procurement to shipping logistics and everything in between. ABS handles sample processing, inventory maintenance, packaging, and customs clearance. We are not only a simple extension of your ongoing capabilities. We extend your capabilities with our services and services across organizations as we help to manage the logistics of your projects with other CROs. To discuss how we can assist you, please contact us.

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