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Lab Spring Cleaning

Although all of us understand the importance of a clean and orderly laboratory, experiments and life happen, and the best of intentions are not always acted upon. At ABS, cleaning is a regular part of our operations. Because we are moving to a new facility, hopefully by year end, we are intensifying those efforts to clear any clutter. This will facilitate our move and it helps us to streamline our operations to deliver quality. One area where we continuously strive to make improvements is with sample storage. It is critical that we never lose or misplace a sample. Similarly, many of our clients have asked us for assistance in this area.

Cleaning out a freezer is rarely a top priority. Yet its contents are often critical to research. It might contain an engineered cell line or rare disease tissue samples. Losing valuable samples is not a good option. Unfortunately, properly inventorying -80°C freezers or LN2 tanks is a tedious and time-consuming process. Trying to decrypt handwritten labels, identifying that multiple label designations are actually the same sample type, and documenting all of this in an inventory system is labor-intensive. It is also not the best use of a scientist’s time and efforts. This is where ABS can help.

ABS has decades of experience managing sample inventories. We can come to your facility to re-inventory and organize your samples on a one-time basis, at selected intervals, or on a long-term basis. Alternatively, we can transfer your samples to ABS and manage your inventories securely at ABS with 24/7 monitoring and multiple backup systems.

ABS staff are familiar with many inventory software systems, and we can readily learn yours if we are not already familiar with it. If you are in need of a better sample management system, ABS can handle that for you by providing you with access to our software system. ABS currently uses a cloud-based system that is: FISMA compliant, 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11 compliant; HIPAA, HITECH, and USGCB compliant; and validated. Basically, this means that it is secure and safe.

In addition to sample management, you can rely on ABS to process and analyze your samples, provide cell banks, acquire human biospecimens and other sample related services. Please contact us to design a project that meets your needs.

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