The analysis of biological fluids is important for medicinal and research purposes. Human biofluids are essential to understanding disease control and prevention. With one of the most extensive networks in the United States, Analytical Biological Services Inc. is a leading provider of biofluid samples.

For over 30 years, ABS Inc. has provided quality biological samples to pharmaceutical and medicinal researchers. We are responsible for collecting, storing and shipping each sample or collection. We follow all ISBER and NCI Best Practices for ethically sourced human samples. 

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Our available biofluid samples include: 


Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF)

Cerebrospinal fluid flows through the hollow spaces in the brain and spinal cord. Cerebrospinal fluid is used to diagnose and investigate neurological diseases, including Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and ALS. ABS Inc. can provide both diseased and healthy samples for comparative analysis. 


A saliva sample has many different biomarkers that show early signs of disease. Saliva is easy to collect and store, and many researchers use it for prognostic and diagnostic purposes.

Normal and Arthritic Synovial Fluid

Synovial fluid lubricates the joints and ensures proper joint function. Arthritic synovial fluid is used to study and develop treatments for arthritis. We can collect normal and arthritic synovial fluid from various joints for biomedical research.

Ascites Fluid

Ascites fluid is found in the abdomen of patients with Ascites, which is usually caused by liver damage, such as cirrhosis of the liver, kidney damage, congestive heart failure, certain cancers, and infection. This excess fluid can cause damage to major internal organs, such as the stomach, intestines and liver.

Pleural Fluid

The pleura membrane lines the chest cavity and contains between 10 to 20 mL of fluid in a healthy adult. With pleural effusion, liquid buildup makes it difficult for the lungs to expand fully. Built-up fluid has higher protein levels, so researchers can use it to distinguish between healthy and pathophysiological pleural fluid accumulation


Urine is an easily accessible waste fluid that filters through the kidneys and bladder. Many researchers have turned to urine for proteomic diagnosis and research. Normal and diseased urine samples are available.

Vitreous Humor

Vitreous humor (or vitreous fluid) fills the chamber around the eye. This fluid is made up mostly of water, with small percentages of collagen, glycosaminoglycans, electrolytes and proteins. Testing this biofluid can indicate eye infections or diseases like glaucoma. ABS has ready access to normal and disease vitreous humor samples.

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Quality Control for Biological Fluids

Our network consists of trusted hospitals and clinics across the United States. Before we work with a clinic, we evaluate it for ethical, scientific and quality performance.

After every order, we contact our clients and make sure that our specimens met their standards and research needs.

Partner With ABS Inc. for Human Biofluid Samples

ABS Inc. supports drug research and discovery with quality biospecimens. If you need specific samples that are not immediately available within our network, we can customize a prospective collection to suit your needs. Our community of experts is here to help you accomplish your research goals. 

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