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Why Change?

During difficult times the answer is simple: The status quo isn’t working. During good times, the argument for change is more questionable. ABS is growing at a high rate. So why are we discussing change? Why change when what we are doing is working? Why should any organization embrace change? During good or challenging times, change is difficult. In the first case, resources may already be strained and putting out fires may have become a full-time occupation. In the latter case, complacency, fear, inertia, and fallacy that the good times will just continue are obstacles to change and innovation. However, it is during the good times that change can lead to greater rewards than mere survival.

When things are good, there are resources available to make changes that will have a significant impact. Real transformation is possible. It is also essential. As ABS grows, it is certain that everything that worked in the past will work not continue to do so. Growth brings new challenges. Too often growth leads to the development of bureaucracies that stifle innovation and service. There is a need for new systems to maintain growth, scale operations, foster agility, and improve service. These are major challenges. That is why we are and will continue to address these issues.

Change does not mean a revision of core values if they are sound and remain relevant. For ABS, we strive to make biomedical research faster, easier, and more reliable. We create value by being an extension of our clients’ laboratories. This is not going to change.

Our objective is to continuously improve and get better at delivering greater value. Most of our processes are sound and scalable, but they cannot remain stagnant. The rudder that steers a sailboat will not drive an ocean liner. The world is always changing, and the rate of that change is accelerating. Organizations that do not keep pace will be left behind. Those that lead the change will prosper. As ABS continues to grow, we will find better ways to work with our clients to reliably speed their research and make it easier for them to reach their goals.

In our next post we will share some insights and perspective on our current expansion and the changes that we are implementing to better serve our clients. We look forward to your insights and comments.

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