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Major ABS Expansion

ABS was founded in 1990. We grew steadily during the subsequent years. We added new staff and new products and services that complemented our human biospecimen and cell culture services. Nearly two decades ago, we highly computerized our operations. We developed our systems for scalability. We became ISO9001 certified to ensure client-focus quality processes. Now, we are in position to capitalize upon those efforts.

Currently, we are under contract for a new much larger facility. It is located within a ten minute of drive of our present site. Once we complete our due diligence and inspections, we plan on closing the purchase in mid-December. We are already beginning the design process for new state-of-the-art laboratories. Construction should be completed in the Fall of 2022. We will also retain all our current leased space. These will bring our total laboratory and office areas to about 62,000 square feet.

Our new facility will provide us and our clients with two major opportunities:

  1. Much needed space for growth due to growing demand for ABS’ current and new products and services, and
  2. The ability to offer some office and lab space along with laboratory equipment access to a few early stage growing companies that can benefit from our scientific expertise and business systems. This will be a true consultative partnership where we provide business and scientific assistance to accelerate the growth of companies that are ready to enter a new phase in their development.

Too often a lack of business or scientific experience or expertise in even a few areas can limit a company’s growth. Worse yet, avoidable missteps can cause disasters. We intend to help a few select companies avert many mistakes that derail operations. With over 30 years of success, we can help in a manner that benefits all stakeholders.

We described this business acceleration concept in a March 10 posting this year. In August, we formed the ABS BioAccelerator LLC to move this closer to fruition. We will begin screening applications for the BioAccelerator in the first quarter of 2022.

The new facility and the BioAccelerator are moving forward. All might not go exactly as planned. It rarely does, but with our staff and clients we prefer to provide advanced notice of opportunities that may affect them. Likewise, we want to be transparent in keeping everyone informed. In this case, it is good news for all of us. We will keep you posted.

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