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Advanced scientific research requires customization and understanding of the objectives of the research. Cutting edge research requires products and services that address complex questions and novel hypotheses. ABS is based upon customization that meets your needs. We have never been a catalog sales company because we recognize cutting edge discoveries do not come from a cookie cutter approach.

Working with ABS begins with an understanding of your needs, not a recitation of things that we are trying to sell. When you meet with one of our highly trained Business Development staff, their goal is to understand how we can help get your research accomplished more quickly, easily, and more reliably. That is the basis of our business and how we serve our clients. Service comes first. Sales are an outcome of that service, and not the other way around.

Once we understand your needs. We then discuss how we can be of help. At that point, we may bring in laboratory personnel or our bio-specimen acquisitions staff to provide you with technical information and discuss solutions. When you work with ABS, you work with a team.

Once your request becomes an order, order fulfillment takes place with our laboratory and bio-specimen acquisitions teams. ABS Client Services watches over the fulfillment process and your Business Development contact keeps you informed along the way, since our goal is to be an extension of your laboratory. Client Services coordinates with our Shipping and Logistics staff to inform you when to expect your order. Our work for you does not stop with delivery. We follow through to make sure that you are satisfied, and we continually look for ways to increase that satisfaction.

With ABS, there are never any high-pressure selling techniques. Fast and reliable services, along with excellent communication, make sustained sales possible rather than some marketing campaign or sales gimmick. ABS Business Development exists to understand, inform, and serve. Getting that right has what has made ABS and our clients successful since 1990. We invite you to experience the difference for yourself.

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