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Prices and Cost

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The price that you pay for a product or service is only one component of its actual cost.  There are three factors that factors that should matter to everyone: (1) a fair price, (2) high quality, and (3) an easy process for getting what you want.

On the first point, ABS has 29 years’ experience providing custom research products and services. We know what it costs to deliver value.  Our prices are based upon that experience. The price that we give you up front is our best price with no hidden fees or add-ons.

Especially in research, an inferior product or service is unacceptable at any price. ABS is ISO9001:2015 certified for quality. We are committed to providing services that you can rely upon. We know that you must be able to count upon the custom biological materials and services that we provide, or you cannot rely upon the data that you obtain. This is critical.

Thirdly, if it takes repeated emails and phone calls to place an order or know when it will ship, it only wastes your time. When you deal with ABS, you work with knowledgeable staff who understand your needs and promptly respond to your inquiries. We collaborate with you to come up with solutions that work for you.

Implicit in this discussion of price is the idea of cost. Price is what you pay Beyond price, there are many more costs that deal with quality, your time, and reliability. What does it cost you if the product or service that you receive doesn’t meet your specifications? How much of your time is lost if the sales rep can’t understand your order or your order lingers in bureaucratic inefficiencies? What does it cost you if your research or a high-throughput screen is delayed? How much longer does it take to make discoveries that can affect patients’ lives?

ABS is founded upon making biomedical research more reliable, easier, and faster. Price is only one component of real cost. Not working with a skilled, responsive, and experienced quality driven organization can cost you much more.  Your work and your time matter to us. As scientists, we know the importance of what you do. Work with ABS to free your resources for discovery.

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