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Creating Value

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Creating value for ourselves and others is a fundamental issue for oneself and for organizations. It is the Why of ABS’s mission statement. Without creating value, a life is empty and organizations that fail to do so are hollow and eventually cease to exist.

ABS creates value by making research faster, easier, and more reliable. This How of creating value is a topic of previous blogs. To recap, we create value for biomedical researchers by delivering customized solutions that focus on supplying high quality cells and tissues and related services that meet changing scientific requirements. Our collaborative approach makes ABS an extension of your laboratories. The Why of creating value is the basis for this How.

Because of our approach to science and business systems that we have developed, ABS continues to grow since its founding over thirty years ago. This has led to financial success, which is one type of value. While financial success enables sustainability and a good workplace, it does not guarantee it. Neither an individual or a company can prosper and grow without doing more than generating income.

ABS continues to grow because we care about our clients’ success, the work than we do, and each other.  There are many ways to make money. It is far more fulfilling to be doing work that is meaningful and that makes a real contribution. This is even more the case when one works with individuals who respect one another and are committed to making their workplace and the world a better place. That is the Why of our organization and for those individuals who have worked as part of ABS for so many years.

The next blog gives a specific example of how we decide to create value for ourselves and others in a meaningful way.

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