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ABS is Hiring!

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There are career opportunities at ABS in all areas of our operations. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, ABS remains fully operational. We retained and paid our staff as before this crisis. Now as more of our clients are ramping up their operations, we are ready to continue our expansion and growth. As the demand for our services is increasing, we are looking for a select group of individuals to join ABS.

The fundamental requirements for all positions at ABS are integrity, intelligence combined with a willingness to learn, the energy to serve our clients, and a good fit with our culture. Basically, we want people who will work at a high level of effectiveness and get along well with others.

Our hiring process is very selective and rigorous. We invest a great deal of time and effort in finding and training the right candidates. We view a job offer at ABS as the beginning of a long-term career, and our employee retention rates are high. We want a position at ABS to work for new hires, current staff, and our clients.

First, we screen large numbers of resumes from the candidates who apply online. A certain level of education and experience is required for all positions. For example, our laboratory, sales, and client services staff have a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences. Some have Masters or Doctoral degrees.

After the initial screening of hundreds of resumes, we have an initial phone call. If this goes well, we proceed to another longer interview (usually with several staff members) and written testing. Normally, these interviews and testing happen at ABS. Lately, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, these have occurred virtually. Then, there is typically another series of interviews on site. These may involve role playing for sales staff or hands-on testing for laboratory staff. Finally, there is a comprehensive background check, drug test, and reference checking for all candidates who are in the final selection stage.

Depending upon the situation, the order of these events may vary. In every case, the intention is to give all candidates and us a clear as possible picture of what to expect. With that in mind, we encourage candidates to thoughtfully question and interview us as well.

Experience related to the position being applied for is preferred, especially for laboratory positions. However, this is not as critical as one might expect for many other positions. Our procedures and systems are in many cases unique to how we do business. For example, our business development positions require a strong scientific background, but sales experience is not essential because our focus is on collaboration and long-term partnerships, not the sale of a product. For that reason, many individuals with sales experiences that are related to a catalog item type of sale are often not a good fit for us or our clients. In a very real sense, all positions at ABS are client service positions.

We value individual responsibility and teamwork. We rely upon accountability and metrics to assess productivity and successes. Good computer skills and attention to details are essential for nearly all positions. We are data driven. All client and financial information, laboratory and logistics data, and other metrics are tracked in real time in our secure databases. We make a strong effort to be open and let facts shape decisions rather than mandates. We rigorously follow our systems, but also continuously improve them based upon how they deliver results.

Our culture may also not be a good fit for everyone. Until the recent situation with COVID-19, we regularly interacted with one another at both company and informal events. Our group shows real concern for one another and are there to help one another. For us, ABS is more than just a place to put in time and get a paycheck.

If you would like to learn more, please look at this website and blogs to see if ABS might be a good fit for you. Check out our current job opportunities and apply for them by clicking on the button below!

ABS Job Opportunities

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