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A New Paradigm for Transforming and Accelerating Research

Let’s begin with a few questions. What are your goals and those of your organization? Is it to grow cells? Is it to find and acquire human biospecimens? Is it to inventory and store biological samples? These tasks are important, but they are not your mission or the value proposition of your organization. 

Most of our clients are working to discover new therapies and diagnostics to improve lives. However, if you look at how much time, money, and other resources companies expend on prep work and non-core activities, you see the unnecessary burden that this places on making any discoveries. 

Hundreds of companies build and maintain similar infrastructures and pay staff to do non-proprietary preparatory work. This rarely makes sense. The status quo is accepted because viable alternatives are not evident. It does not have to be that way for you or your organization. Many of our clients have found a better solution.  

ABS joins with our clients to take on preparatory biological sample work so that our clients can focus on research. ABS accomplishes this in a highly collaborative and customized manner. We become a part of your organization. This has saved our clients countless hours and enables them to focus their time and talents on discovery.  

We grow, process, analyze, and store cells so that they are ready when you are. We acquire, process, analyze, and store human biospecimens. We provide a range of related services such as cell line engineering, flow cytometry, and cell sorting to accelerate your research. The value of these services is evident when you see how your resources become freed to focus on higher value research. 

Using our Client Portal or direct connections to your systems, we can integrate our operations so that there is little difference between walking down the hall to the next lab or working with ABS as a direct extension of your laboratories. We provide decades of experience and expertise to increase the speed and effectiveness of your operations. We can become a part of your operations. 

With expansion to our new facility, you can expect even more from ABS. Many of you have only partially realized the benefits of working with ABS. Some use us for cell culture, some for biospecimens, some for sample storage, etc. We can bundle all these services to provide a comprehensive biological materials solution for your company.  The result is that we do what we do best so that you are free to do what you do best. Please contact us to create a new and more productive future for you and your organization. 

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