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Accelerate Your Path To Growth and Success

Since 1990, ABS has been an extension of laboratories at pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies throughout the world.

The ABS BioAccelerator offers our cumulative knowledge, scientific services, business systems, and experience to accelerate the growth and success of one or more select bioscience companies. We will focus on assisting one or more companies after a careful collaborative due diligence process. Companies will be selected based upon their growth opportunities and capacity to maximally benefit from the systems that have driven our growth and success.

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We Help You Focus On Your Core Business And Mission

The ABS BioAccelerator provides the research services, business systems, and infrastructure that can take years to build alone. Our goal is to share what we have learned over three decades to help the select companies that we will work with. These companies will grow faster based upon a sound foundation of services and systems.


Laboratory And Office Modules

  • Rapidly Built to Your Specifications
  • Flexible and Expandable
  • Cleaning and Security Included

* Grant funding may be available for your project from Delaware

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Access to ABS Laboratory Services

  • Cell Culture Services
  • Human Biospecimens
  • Additional Research Services
  • Biological Sample Storage and Retrieval

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Access to ABS Business Services

  • Purchasing and Negotiation
  • Services Referrals (e.g., payroll, legal)
  • Quality Management System Compliance
  • Internet and Network Management

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Interested in Growing Faster?

We are taking applications for a small select company or limited group of companies that we will work with to shorten their path to success. The ABS BioAccelerator is far more than leased lab or office space. It is a business and scientific collaborator on your path to achieving your goals more quickly based upon 31 years of ABS’ learning and growth. Please contact us to discover if we are a good fit to help.

Toll-free U.S. number:



01 (302) 654-4492