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What it is Like to Work with ABS

Most of us have had the experience of being inundated with phone calls and marketing materials, only to later to have difficulty receiving a price quote or follow up after you place an order. We understand how frustrating this is.

Placing an order with ABS is the beginning of a relationship, not the end. In fact, even before you place an order, your collaboration with ABS begins. We exist to help you solve your research problems more quickly. Initial contacts with ABS always include you and our Business Development Team. They will often also involve scientists in our cell culture, biospecimens, or other service teams. We work together to find the best solution that meets your needs.

Once you do place an order, the relationship continues to develop. We track your needs and requests in our database so you will not need to repeat yourself. We introduce you to your client services representative. Their purpose is to act as your advocate to make sure that we deliver on our commitments and that we keep you informed. Depending upon the project and your needs, you may also interact with the scientists who are working on your projects. These interactions can range from regular reports to weekly meetings in which we provide updates and discuss technical issues. Regular updates are also available on our secure Client Portal.

The integration into your activities does not stop with keeping you informed. For example, for some of our clients, we enter data directly in their electronic notebooks. ABS personnel may also work at our client’s facility on a short or long-term basis doing activities such as getting sample inventories under better control. We do this to make ABS an extension of your laboratories so that you can achieve your goals faster and more reliably.

Even after we provide our deliverables for a project, we continue to follow through. We check in with you to be sure that you are satisfied. We guarantee that what we do for you meets mutually agreed upon specifications or we offer you a full refund. The fact that we care about what we do for you and stand by our work is a major reason many of our clients have continued to work with ABS for decades. We invite you to see for yourself the advantages of working with ABS.

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