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New ABS Client Portal

My previous post mentioned that we will soon launch a new Client Portal. The purpose of the Portal is to provide our clients with critical information about their requests and orders along with data related to their orders.

This week, we are completing internal testing. Later this month, we begin beta-testing with a group of clients who have requested early access to this service. We expect that the portal will be available to all clients by early April.

What it is. The portal will offer up to date information on price quotations, order status, a record of purchase orders received, invoices and payments, and data reports such as cell culture reports, Mycoplasma test results, and de-identified human donor demographic and diagnostic data. Clients may also upload requests to the site. All data will be kept on the site for one year, after which it will be archived but still available upon request.

What it is not. The ABS Client Portal is not intended to be an online store such as Amazon. Scientific discovery and the custom services that we offer are complex and nuanced. We strive to be an extension of your laboratories. Working with ABS is a collaborative partnership. It adds more value to your research than can be had by checking a box on an order form. It is a highly customizable process that is based upon understanding and meeting your specific needs.

The new Portal is also not a substitute for customer service. With some companies, it can almost require a search warrant to locate a customer service number in hopes of finding a person who can help. This will not happen with ABS. We are adding staff to Clients Services. You will always be able to reach us to discuss your concerns and needs.

What else is possible. In addition to the information that will be provided by this Portal, we offer other ways to able integrate with and add value to your operations. With several large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies we directly link to their electronic notebooks to provide real-time data. Similarly, we manage clients’ biological sample inventories either with ABS’ internal inventory systems or by linking to their inventory systems. In these ways we organize client inventories and replenish cell banks or other samples in a seamless workflow.

We do all of this to make your research faster, easier, and more reliable. Please contact us to learn how you can benefit from partnering with ABS.

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