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Buy one get one free!  15% Off Today Only! President’s Day Sale! These are phrases that we associate with marketing. You won’t find any of this at ABS. We have never used any of these methods or marketing gimmicks to try to persuade you to buy something. In fact, we have done very little traditional marketing. Instead, we rely upon satisfied clients and the referrals that they provide to help us grow.

The goal of any marketing that we do, is to give you enough information to enable you to see how we can help you. It is the beginning of a conversation. If you look at our website, you will see that it is designed for you to see what we do and how we can help. Because of the wide range of customized services that we offer we don’t try to be comprehensive; but rather, we try to provide an outline for discussion. Our white papers and cases provide more detailed information. We continue to add to these.

When we exhibit at a scientific meeting such as the Trimolecular Meeting next month, it is not to promote a specific item or reduce inventory. Our objective is to have discussions with you and learn your needs, because your needs are the focus of ABS.

You won’t find sales or other enticements to persuade you to buy something. We believe that our clients seek information, value, and understanding. We are not a catalog sale company. Therefore, the price quotations that we provide for you are designed to specifically meet your needs. Any considerations of order volume or other variables that may affect price are already factored into the price that you receive.

We hope that our straightforward gimmick-free approach works for you. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions.

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