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Several years ago, I came across this written on a wall at an art exhibition in Venice and took the above photo. It is a good follow on from my previous posting on change in business and also those on COVID. So often people are afraid to take the next step that could move them forward because of fear.

Fear and an adrenaline rush are good when running from a hungry lion on the Savannah, but they are rarely advantageous in modern life or business. I have read of fear driving entrepreneurs to take the next step and the rush that may come with it. Over the long term, this seems an exhausting way to live one’s life. While reasoned steps to extend one’s comfort zone are beneficial, taking risks, especially those that are not analyzed and calculated can lead to disaster.  

Recently, I have spoken with several individuals who are afraid of the possible unknown and highly unlikely side effects of COVID. This is preventing them from taking vaccines that have clear benefits, not the least of which is preventing death. This fear could end a life. Whether it is business or other matters, one needs to do the analysis and put fear aside. 

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