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A New Way to Speed the Growth of Early-Stage Bioscience Companies

The critical work of discovering new therapies and new diagnostics is a long and resource intensive process. Too often important, but non-core tasks, delay the real work of discovery. ABS’ goal is to enable scientists and their companies to succeed more quickly by freeing their resources for mission critical activities.

From our start in 1990, we saw how much time and effort was expended on tasks that are the necessary preparations for experimentation rather than on the experiments themselves. These tasks include growing, acquiring, and preparing the biological materials that are needed for biological research. Growing cells, acquiring biospecimens, preparing cell and tissue extracts, etc. are necessary, but they also consume resources that could more productively go to discovery. These tasks can take weeks or months to complete. We found a better way to make research faster, easier, and more reliable. ABS does the non-core essential tasks that are the prerequisites of research for you. We free your resources so that you can focus on your core value proposition.

Extending from the knowledge that our custom services can accelerate your research, we are embarking on a new venture to accelerate the growth of a select few companies from both scientific and business perspectives. In addition to our scientific expertise, we have spent over three decades developing and refining our business systems to foster our own growth. These systems include IT, accounting, infrastructure, business development, and quality assurance systems that have enabled us to succeed and grow. To put together this cumulative knowledge and experience can take many years. We are offering a novel way to achieve this far more rapidly. Moreover, getting this right can mean the difference between success and failure.

Last year, ABS purchased a 48,000 sq. ft. office building. This year we are converting it into laboratory and office space to add much needed capacity to speed our workflows. We are retaining our current laboratory space during this expansion. Because of this, we have some excess space that we can lease to other bioscience companies. However, it is not our intention to get into the laboratory real estate business. We are seeking to have a greater impact by advancing the growth a few very select companies that share our values and perspectives. We are looking for companies that want to grow faster and focus on their core values that they can deliver instead of spending years trying to invent a machine that has already been built and running successfully.

In brief, we are looking for companies that know they can advance their own goals more quickly by focusing on their fundamental research activities. They can use our expertise and experience to speed their research rather than trying to duplicate scientific functions that we have developed over the past thirty years. Likewise, we are looking for early-stage companies that will benefit from our business systems and infrastructure rather than spending years trying to build what we can offer almost immediately.

We want to share what we do and have learned with a few like-minded companies that see the benefits of focusing on their core value proposition rather have their efforts diluted by a myriad of other non-core activities. This match is not for every company. That is why if this makes sense to you, we invite your organization to begin the discussion with us and apply to for space and a partnership with us at the ABS BioAccelerator. We look forward to learning more about your organization’s needs and goals and seeing if this type of collaboration is a good fit for you and ABS.

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