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5 Questions to Ask Yourself For Workplace Success

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I have worked for ABS for about 23 years. During this time, I have seen many changes, mostly good. What would make someone want to stay at the same company for almost a quarter of a century? Some may think it’s just stagnation or comfort, but its nothing like that at all. ABS and I have grown in many ways over that time period. 

What makes a worthwhile workplace? Most of us have to work for financial reasons, but why not enjoy what you do? Why not go to work every day as if you are going to spend time with friends and family? Sounds somewhat utopian, but it is possible. If money were the key or being on top were the key, I could choose other options. The key to finding the right place that makes you happy is the people. You have to ask yourself when you wake up each morning if you are excited for the challenges of the day. Are you excited to see your co-workers, or do you dread the mundane effort of driving in and interacting? If the latter is the case, you are not in the right place. I spent several years after college looking for happiness in a workplace. I refused to submit to the drudgery of a job that I hated or to work with people I didn’t care about. I remind my daughter who is just starting her career of this: that finding the right place to do your life’s work is one of the most important and difficult challenges you will face.

Every day at ABS is by no means a walk on the beach, but I can’t think of many days in the last 23 years where I have felt negatively about coming in to see my co-workers and to face the challenges of the day. I still get excited to come to work most days and love what I do. Every day is new and the problems I solve give me great satisfaction. 

The ABS clients are so easy to work with as they know what they need, and we can help them achieve their research goals. They are easy to talk to and are passionate about their research. What are ABS employees passionate about? ABS! They continually strive to make our clients happy in any way they can.

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself to know if you are in the right workplace.

  1. Do you get excited to come to work most days?
  2. Do you enjoy working with the people of your organization (internal and external)?
  3. Do you gain satisfaction from the work that you do?
  4. Do you genuinely care about the organization and the people?
  5. Do you feel as though you are compensated adequately, either monetarily or with recognition from superiors or peers?

Ideally, you should be able to answer yes to these 5 questions, and if you can’t, then you may need a change. Change is difficult, but often needed and surprisingly beneficial once you have moved through the pains. Finding your happiness will make you successful. I know it has for me at ABS.

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