Streamlining Tissue Acquisition and Processing: A Partnership with ABS


A top 25 Pharmaceutical company's oncology-immunology group relied on an academic provider for fresh tissue samples for their research. However, slow accrual rates and unpredictability in tissue delivery schedules caused disrupted workflows and delayed research timelines.


The key challenges faced by the oncology-immunology group included:

  • Slow accrual rates of fresh tissue samples
  • Unpredictable and delayed delivery of tissue samples
  • The need to adjust lab activities and work schedules around tissue availabilityHandshake of businessmen greeting each other


To address these challenges, the pharmaceutical company sought a partnership with ABS. ABS not only provided additional tissue samples but also took on the responsibility of processing the tissues, reducing the strain on the company’s researchers.


The partnership between the Pharmaceutical company and ABS yielded positive outcomes:

  • Faster and more reliable access to fresh tissue samples
  • Enhanced flexibility for the pharmaceutical company’s research team
  • Reduced stress and uncertainty in tissue acquisition
  • Reduced disruption to lab activities and work schedules
  • Expert tissue processing, ensuring sample stability for future analysis

By partnering with ABS, a top 25 Pharmaceutical company was able to overcome the challenges of slow tissue accrual and unpredictable delivery schedules. This case study emphasizes the importance of reliable tissue acquisition and processing in advancing oncology-immunology research.


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