Sourcing Hundreds of Highly Characterized FFPE Blocks


Client provides molecular profiling services. A diagnostic testing group required 400 FFPE blocks of a specific cancer type. These were necessary to optimize a diagnostic test for their pharmaceutical partner. The samples were needed quickly so the client could meet their pharmaceutical partner’s timeline. Numerous detailed requirements added to the challenge of sourcing the tissues in time.


The client required400 samples from 4 different geographical regions, each meeting exact criteria, such as:

  • percent of tumor content
  • sample size
  • age
  • and other detailed specifications

The client also required clinical and pathological data and stringent quality control to ensure sample quality and specifications.


The ABS Procurement team leveraged its vast sourcing network to acquire this large volume of highly specific samples and collaborated with the client to meet their stringent requirements and develop a delivery schedule that aligned with their project workflow. ABS shipped the samples in batches, providing time to perform the necessary quality control and ensure samples met all requirements, while also avoiding overwhelming the client’s lab with the large volume of samples being delivered all at once.

The first batch was sent by ABS just one week after receiving the Purchase Order, with four additional deliveries made within 21 days, accounting for 5 total shipments.

ABS’ sales and laboratory personnel communicated with the client throughout the project to ensure the pace was consistent with their timeline, adjusting as needed to fit the client’s needs. Taking this collaborative and consultative approach to understand the client’s workflow enabled ABS’ logistics and lab personnel to coordinate and plan timely deliveries at the client’s laboratory.


  • Uniformity of the samples were consistent and as specified, which was vital to the success of the client’s project
  • All data was inclusive and thorough as requested by client
  • All blocks were quality tested and verified as meeting the high standards required for the project
  • The phased shipment timeline helped the client realize a better batch approach for a project of this caliber


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