Solving Cell Line Inventory Problems


Research scientists a ta large Pharma company were growing their own cell banks, taking time away from their core research responsibilities. The cell lines were frequently grown without proper quality control (QC) or documentation, which led to the storage of vials that were contaminated or mislabeled. As demand increased over time, problems with accurate organization of inventory became exceedingly problematic.


  • Client was overwhelmed trying to manage their scientist's needs for cell lines to research
  • Cell Banks were grown by several different scientists, which led to lack of consistency and QC
  • Many of the cell banks were suspected to be contaminated
  • The cell model for research gained popularity, leading to an increase in cell line vial storage requests
  • Storage units became full and disorganized

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The client outsourced the production and storage of cell line banks to ABS, who also incorporated QC reports with the banks. ABS continuously collaborated with the client to create a customized request sheet to ensure their specific requirements are accurately and consistently translated in detail.All required criteria and status of the banks are documented within a secure database.As demand increased, ABS assigned a dedicated on-site employee to manage all requests and work directly with ABS’ lab personnel to enable clear communication between the companies. ABS staff helped the client organize their current inventory, which allowed them to create and maintain the necessary documentation.


A dedicated ABS employee continues to ensure inventory is accurate and well organized, which frees up space within the cryo-storage vessels at the client’s facility. ABS stores all details within its secure database, facilitating problem-solving between all involved personnel.Additional benefits include the following:

  • All banks come with additional QC documentation to ensure clean,accurate cell lines
  • Master banks and security vials stored at ABS’ site ensure safety and control of the clients’ cell lines
  • All requests are now processed accurately and efficiently
  • The client's researchers saved valuable time by relying on ABS to organize and store their samples

With ABS-provided banks and an in-house ABS employee who takes on work requests, the client successfully freed up its scientists’ time for important research and discovery.


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