Preventing Inconsistent Cell Performance


A research group focused on safety studies of novel molecules for a top ten Pharmaceutical company was struggling with consistency of cell function performance for one of their assays.


A functional assay, known for being robust and repeatable, to observe membrane protein activity was being run in-house routinely. However, the team was experiencing inconsistencies with cell performance and cell characteristics. Running the assay was part of the group’s normal workflow, but production of a cell bank for the assay required a team member to halt their normal activity, interrupting workflow and causing delays. In addition, the client was experiencing performance variability between different cell banks. In some cases, the cell function of an entire bank was completely lost, equating to lost time and wasted resources.

After intensive discussions with the client, it became clear that their problem was a consequence of not having a dedicated expert resource to focus only on cell culture.


shutterstock_1936627876The client outsourced cell culture and production of cell banks to ABS, which alleviated the strain on the client’s internal resources and allowed them to spend more time on discovery, their core competency. This dedicated cell culture growth service provided the needed consistency for their assay.

ABS adapted its methods to fit the parameters of the client’s needs, without forgoing their own quality control and protocol.


By outsourcing, the client saves time and resources with ABS’ help by:

  • Improving assay cell performance reproducibility
  • Eliminating rework to remake a cell bank that showed loss of function

This gave the client’s in-house team more time to spend on innovative activity, with additional peace of mind from working with a reliable provider who is cognizant of project timelines.

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