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A growing company realized they did not have a plan in place to protect their critical reagents in the case of an emergency. They needed to quickly identify a safe location to store them, so they were not vulnerable to the loss of these valuable assets.


The client was generating research material and growing their inventory of proprietary reagents. After some time, they realized there was a need to house a backup vial outside of their own facility in the event of an on-site catastrophe.In addition to planning for emergencies,the company was quickly running out of storage space.


  Store 1-2 vials of the client's produced cell banks at ABS as part of their contingency plan
  Store other biologic and archival material at ABS to increase space inside the client's on-site freezers and LN2 tanks


After gaining consensus with the company, ABS was able to provide the following for the client:

  • Growth and storage of extra vials within ABS’ facility, which mitigates the risk of losing samples for the growing company
  • A remotely monitored facility with cameras and temperature sensors to ensure the protection and safety of any critical assets
  • Sample safety is ensured with backup LN2 supplies and a backup generator that powers critical facility equipment in the event of a power outage
  • An automated inventory system allows them to track samples in real-time,so the client always has reliable,up-to-date information

In the event of a catastrophe at the client’s site, they have peace of mind knowing that they can quickly and easily trigger the production of new materials (such as new Master Cell Banks) from the stored materials at ABS.


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