Cryostorage a Mess - Projects Delayed


A top five pharmaceutical company was faced with a major problem of not having cell banks ready when needed. Laboratory personnel were spending inordinate amounts of time searching for samples that may or may not be there. Freezers were clogged with materials that were no longer needed, increasing storage costs and making finding anything difficult. Sometimes cell banks had to be replenished, but the lack of a real-time inventories made this process difficult and inefficient. Most importantly, projects were delayed,and time was wasted.


This Company had several problems that were causing delays and wasting resources:cryostorage

  1. They weren't sure what was in their freezers.
  2. They weren't sure where samples were stored.
  3. They were storing samples that were no longer needed.
  4. Cell banks were not always available for projects.
  5. Inventories were not being updated and banks were not being replaced when used.
  6. There was no backup of critical samples.These issues took time away from research and slowed projects.


ABS provided a comprehensive solution that addressed these issues by:samples

  1. Working with Company to implement a new cloud-based real-time inventory system.
  2. Sending ABS staff to Company to organize, barcode, and inventory every sample.
  3. An ABS insourced staff member kept the inventories up-to-date and organized.
  4. When cell banks needed to be replenished, ABS’ cell culture facility prepared Master and Working cell banks.
  5. In addition, ABS provided backup storage at its headquarters facility.


This collaboration with ABS had several major benefits for the Company:

  1. Storage and labor costs were reduced.
  2. Banks production by ABS freed Company personnel for research projects.
  3. Cell bank availability increased.
  4. Additional security was provided by offsite backup storage at ABS’ secure facility.


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