Building Trust and Expertise: A Pharmaceutical Company's Journey with ABS


The pharmaceutical company primarily handled its in-house cell culture activities. However, for large-scale cell banking, they depended on a less-specialized provider who did not adhere to the company's protocols and used their own. Initially, the company was reluctant to engage with ABS due to doubts about the value they could provide.


The pharmaceutical company encountered several challenges in their collaboration with the current supplier, which primarily included:

  • Insufficient expertise for managing more complex projects
  • Employment of their own generic protocol
  • Variability in reproducibility


ABS regularly conducted Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) with the pharmaceutical company, aiming to provide them with insights into the value generated through our tailored solutions. The pharmaceutical company agreed to conduct a project with ABS to address their specific needs.

Undertaking the project enabled the pharmaceutical company to:

  • Gain direct experience of ABS' expertise and quality
  • Realize the value that ABS contributed to their operations through customized protocols and processes
  • Obtain a guarantee of reproducibility
  • Develop trust in ABS' capabilities and unwavering commitment to quality


The project delivered substantial outcomes:Young smiling executives shaking hands in front of their manager and a colleague-4

  • Reduced the necessity for QC verification, resulting in time and resource savings
  • Established ABS as a dependable partner, showcasing unparalleled expertise in the eyes of the pharmaceutical company
  • Led to an expansion of the partnership, with the pharmaceutical company entrusting ABS with transfection services

ABS successfully transformed a hesitant prospect into a trusted partner by consistently demonstrating their expertise and commitment to quality. This case study underscores the significance of trust, expertise, and value-driven relationships in the pharmaceutical industry.

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