Biosample Inventory Improvements and Standardization


Expansion at a rapidly growing biotech company created issues with trying to scale and maintain control of biological sample inventories.

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  1. Rapid addition of personnel and projects led to the lack of a standardized system in place for the client’s scientists to label and track the samples being used.
  2. Individuals had their own unique nomenclature and organizational methods.As the organization grew, the company experienced personnel turnover and inventory became increasingly disorganized.
  3. People were spending hours trying to locate and confirm that they’d obtained the right biological samples,costing the organization time and money.
  4. A substantial amount of rework was required as scientists often were not completely confident in what reagents were available.


In order to best resolve this issue, an ABS Business Development Manager worked with the client to understand not only the present problem, but the root cause and what success would look like long-term. ABS collaborated with the client to design a solution that fit their immediate & future needs, which included the following:

  • Inventory was relabeled using a new standardized system: creating inventory Standard Operating Procedures(SOPs) for addition and removal of materials
  • Reagents were physically  reorganized and logged
  • A formal inventory and historical records necessary for the client were created
  • Important documents were linked to their inventory for easy access by all employees


ABS was able to improve efficiency for lab personnel by following SOPs that provides a consistent and repeatable method to quickly access historical data and a reliable means of locating sample inventories which:

  • Increased researchers’ confidence in the available inventory
  • Confirmed correct labeling through linked records
  • Reduced rework, saving time and money
  • Increased control and accuracy of their bioreagent inventory for inventory access and removal


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